How Do I Connect My PURE Radio To The Internet?

Can Roberts radios be repaired?

Can I get it repaired.


We are able to offer out of warranty repairs on many models.

If you know your model number, please click here to find out the cost of repairing your radio..

How does WiFi Internet radio work?

One type of device might be called a “Wi-Fi radio” or “Internet radio”. Rather than receive radio waves from local broadcast stations, it connects to the Internet through an available WiFi network (you must be able to log in), and it plays Internet audio streams through its own mono or stereo speakers. …

What stations are on DAB+?

Capital, Capital XTRA, Capital XTRA Reloaded, Heart, Heart 80s, Heart 70s, Heart 90s, Heart Dance, Smooth Radio, Smooth Chill, Gold, Radio X, LBC News, JazzFM, Virgin Anthems, Virgin Chilled, talkRADIO, talkSPORT2, Love Sport, Jack Radio, Union Jack, Fun Kids, and BFBS Radio.

What’s the difference between DAB and DAB+?

What’s the difference between DAB and DAB+? DAB+ is a more efficient method of broadcasting music and is based on the AAC codec popularised by Apple’s iPod. It’s more efficient than the old standard that uses MP2 and means a higher quality signal is possible than before.

Should I enable wireless radio?

The router has internal wireless radios that broadcast signals in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz range. By default, they are on so that you can connect wirelessly to the router. When the wireless radios are off, you can still use an Ethernet cable for a LAN connection to the router.

How do I connect to pure speaker?

Set Up – A quick guide to setting up your Jongo for the first time (Android device only)Take Jongo out of the box and switch on.Download the Pure Connect App.Open the Pure Connect App and sign in.The App will give you an option to Set up a Jongo tap this and follow the on screen instructions.More items…•

How does an Internet radio work?

Online radio is either pre-recorded MP3 files or live, via-a-microphone broadcasts that are streamed over the Internet. The listener, because without listeners there really isn’t any point in broadcasting. … The listener connects to your server and can hear anything you’re streaming.

How do you pair Pure Jongo?

Insert the connector of the supplied mains lead into Jongo (A) and switch Jongo on . When the Power light turns solid green, briefly press the Wi-Fi button (B) on the back and wait for the Power light to flash amber. Note: If you press and hold the Wi-Fi button, your Jongo will start WPS compatible pairing mode.

Do DAB radios work everywhere?

Can I take my DAB digital radio abroad and still listen to the same stations? No. DAB digital radio is a terrestrial technology using land-based transmitters….

Why is my car DAB signal so poor?

Poor DAB reception can also be caused by equipment used in the vehicle. For example, phone chargers or dash cams sometimes cause interference and affect your radio signal. Try unplugging the items to see if one of them is causing any interference.

How do I connect my Roberts radio to the Internet?

How to connect to the internet.Press the Menu button and select Main Menu.Scroll to System Settings and find Network.Select the Network Wizard and find your Wi-Fi network.Enter your Wi-Fi network password and select Ok.

Can a radio connect to a wireless network?

Turn on the wireless radio in your computer to connect to your wireless network. … To connect to a wireless network your computer will need to have a wireless radio installed. The wireless radio picks up the wireless broadcast and is able to transmit and receive data over the air.

Which of the following devices is required for wireless Internet connection?

A router is a hardware device that allows you to connect several computers and other devices to a single Internet connection, which is known as a home network. Many routers are wireless, which allows you to create a home wireless network, commonly known as a Wi-Fi network.

Why is DAB not working?

This could be caused by a fault with the DAB radio itself, or failure to install the aerial properly. Here are some possible fixes: Try a factory reset – Look in the car manual or search Google to find out how to do a factory reset. … Otherwise, the DAB radio will not work properly.

How can I boost my DAB signal?

So we need to improve the aerial to improve the reception on the radio. There are several things you can try like an old metal coat hanger or a length of cable or even a proper DAB aerial. The next problem you find is there are NO external aerial connections on a DAB portable radio to connect a DAB radio aerial to.

Do DAB radios need an aerial?

You need to have a suitable DAB aerial to receive DAB services. Portable DAB radios will usually have a telescopic one, but if you are retro-fitting a DAB radio into a car, you may need to add a DAB aerial. External aerials are also available for DAB and will significantly improve reception.

How do I reset my Internet radio?

Press and hold the ‘Options’ button down for two or three seconds and confirm the reset when prompted. Instructions for Sensia: Make sure your radio is switched on. Tap ‘Settings’, tap ‘Update’ and tap ‘Factory Reset’. Confirm the reset when prompted.

How do I connect my PURE radio to Bluetooth?

To stream via Bluetooth …Ensure your radio is in the Bluetooth source.Turn Bluetooth on from your smartphone/tablet. You will then see your Evoke H radio as an available device.Select this device, you can then stream to the radio.

Why can’t I get all DAB stations?

This is due to the stations moving to a different network of digital radio transmitters. Your radio might not have found a strong enough signal to store them in the station list.

What are 3 types of wireless connections?

There are basically three different types of wireless networks – WAN, LAN and PAN: Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN): WWANs are created through the use of mobile phone signals typically provided and maintained by specific mobile phone (cellular) service providers.

How do I pair my Jongo s3?

To access Jongo Setup Manager, put Jongo in Wi-Fi Setup mode by pressing the WiFi button on the rear of Jongo and connect to the Jongo S3 ****** wireless network. The Jongo Setup page should open automatically on your device. If not, open your internet browser and enter myjongo in the address bar.