Question: How Do I Send An Original Video On WhatsApp?

How can I send 60mb video on WhatsApp?

Send Big Files, Large Videos On WhatsAppGoogle Drive.

The first and perhaps the best method that you can use is Google drive.

Yes, you can upload and share large videos on WhatsApp using Google Drive link.

Video Compressor.

You can also use a video compressor software to compress the video to the recommended size and then send it..

How do I send videos and keep quality?

Here Are 3 Steps for Sending High-Quality Videos and TextsIf You Have an iPhone, Keep iMessage Turned On. That will ensure that you are sending high-quality videos and photos to other iPhone users.Sending a File to an Android Device? Use Email. … Use a Cloud-Based Service. … Download and Use the Send Anywhere App.

How can I send video with original quality on WhatsApp?

How do I send a high quality video on WhatsApp? To send an uncompressed video on WhatsApp, tap on the plus icon on a particular chat and select “Document” (instead of “Photo & Video Library”) and proceed with adding the videos that you want to share. The maximum size per file allowed on WhatsApp is 150MB.

How can I send 4k video on WhatsApp?

📸Open WhatsApp and go inside of the desired chat you want to send the photo to video too. 📸 Press the attachment button (looks like a paper clip) located inside of the chatbox. You can send the images and videos as a document instead of a video file.

Which format is best for WhatsApp video?

MP4How To Get Your Video Ready For WhatsAppMax. File SizeMax. LengthFile Formats16 MBca. 3 Minutesrecommended: MP4 other: AVI MKVMar 15, 2017

How can I improve my WhatsApp camera quality?

so if you want to send high quality photos, click with normal camera app of your phone and send it via the document option of WhatsApp. For effective transfer of pictures, WhatsApp reduces the image resolution to roughly a third of its original resolution.

How can I send 30 MB video on WhatsApp?

Step 1: First of all, you need to install Video Converter Android app from Google Play Store, available for free. Step 2: After downloading and installation, open the app. Step 3: Once the app is opened, it will automatically scan all the video files from your phone memory.

How can I send video on WhatsApp without losing quality?

Select the Video which you want to put as your status.Trim your video to the WhatsApp limit of 30 seconds. ( But I recommend 29 Second)Then Move and Transform option.

How can I send video on WhatsApp?

Firstly you can click on the camera button to the right of the chatbox. This will open the camera. Here you can either record a video or select a video from your phone gallery. The video selected or shot will then be immediately sent to your friend.

Does WhatsApp reduce video quality?

WhatsApp doesn’t compress or reduce quality to videos or photos when you send them as a document. Although, this option is for transferring documents files mainly (such as PDFs and DOCs), you can also send videos and other media files through this option.

Why WhatsApp reduces image quality?

The reason: WhatsApp reduces the size of the image before sending it over to the recipient. Which in turn, reduces the quality of the image. There could be many reasons why they do this, from reducing bandwidth usage, reducing the load on their servers, to reducing the time taken for the image to be sent and received.

How can I send 150 MB video on WhatsApp?

Here are the steps for the same:Upload the desired file on Google Drive through the Blue ‘Plus’ icon on the app. … Once uploaded, copy the link to the file by long pressing it and opting for ‘Copy the link’. … Open WhatsApp and simply paste and share the link with your contacts.