Question: What Is A Detail Account?

What is the meaning of too detailed?

adj having many details or giving careful attention to details..

What is another word for detailed?

What is another word for detailed?fullthoroughcompletecomprehensiveexhaustiveminutespecificelaborateexactmeticulous225 more rows

What does it mean to be detail oriented?

Being detail-oriented means paying close attention to all of the small particulars when working on a task or project. Detail-oriented employees complete each assignment as flawlessly as possible before moving to the next task. This means the projects they submit are usually high-quality work with little to no errors.

What is another word for accounted for?

What is another word for accounted for?explaineddefendedelucidatedexplained awayilluminatedrationalisedUKrationalizedUSvindicatedanswered forcleared up19 more rows

What does it mean to give a detailed account?

adjective. A detailed report or plan contains a lot of details. Yesterday’s letter contains a detailed account of the decisions.

What is a detail definition?

A detail is defined as an individual fact or feature, or is a small or minor part of something, or a small group of people assigned to a specific task. When you consider every aspect of a new law, this is an example of when you consider every detail.

What is a header account?

Header Account. Header accounts specify the title of a group of accounts. Header accounts are used only to group detail accounts that have a similar purpose; that is, detail accounts are assigned to specific header accounts.

What does account for mean in a question?

Account for Give reasons forAccount for Give reasons for; explain (note: give an account of; describe). Analyse Break the information into constituent parts; examine the relationship between the parts; question the information.

What is another word for very detailed?

SYNONYMS FOR detailed 1 involved, complex, complicated. 2 itemized, particularized; exhaustive, thorough, comprehensive.

What is accounts in simple words?

Accounting is the process of recording financial transactions pertaining to a business. The accounting process includes summarizing, analyzing and reporting these transactions to oversight agencies, regulators and tax collection entities.

What account for means?

1 : to give a reason or explanation for (something) How do you account for your success? 2 : to be the cause of (something) These new features account for the computer’s higher price.