Question: What Is ANGi?

How much does ANGi cost?

All ANGi helmet and sensor purchases include a free one year subscription to the Ride Premium app and the app can be linked up to Strava.

After the first year, a premium Ride App subscription costs $29.99 for a year..

What is MIPS in helmets?

MIPS is a brain protection system — engineered to add protection to helmets. The MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) is found inside the helmet, generally between the comfort padding and the EPS (a high-quality foam used to reduce energy). … MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System.

Is specialized ANGi free?

We were quick to adapt and remove the annual subscription fee to activate ANGi.” So, as of today, Specialized has ditched the subscription fee and is offering the crash detection and notification service free of charge, allowing it to better compete with other similar crash detection services such as Garmin’s.

What specialized MIPS?

Specialized helmets – now MIPS equipped MIPS, standing for Multidirectional Impact Protection System, adds an extra layer of protection to your bike helmet via a low-friction inner liner within the helmet that slows the helmet’s foam liner to rotate independently by between 10-15mm during an angled impact.

How does the light work on micro helmet?

The LED lights are rechargeable through a standard USB cable. This helmets offers double protection through extra visibility at night. The LED light has 2 settings, solid and flashing. The form fit system makes it easy to adjust the helmet to the size of your child’s head.

How do MIPS helmets work?

MIPS technology mimics the brain’s protective structure by reducing rotational forces caused by angled impacts to the head. The helmet’s shell and liner are separated by a low friction layer which allows the helmet to slide, noticeably reducing trauma to the brain in the case of oblique impacts.

What is the best bike helmet?

Giro Cinder MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet. $150. … Giro Register MIPS Bike Helmet. … Smith Optics Signal MIPS Helmet. … Specialized Echelon II MIPS Cycling Helmet 2019. … Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Bike Helmet. … POC Omne Air Spin Bike Helmet. … Abus Hyban Urban Helmet With Integrated LED Taillight. … Giro Caden MIPS Urban Cycling Helmet.More items…•

How do you use ANGi?

How do I actually connect ANGi to my phone? Check that the Bluetooth® on your mobile device is turned on. Then you open the Specialized Ride App, select the gear tab, and gently shake the helmet until the device turns green on the screen. From there, you go to the record tab and turn on ANGi.