Question: What Is Media Handling?

How do you provide information to the media?

Use the Media to Communicate Effectively with CongressStay local.

Keep it focused and stick to one issue at a time.Make sure to send press clippings to your members of Congress.

Don’t forget your own media outlets.

Give just the facts.

Don’t just say it — show it.

Build media relationships.More items….

What are media Enquiries?

Media Enquiry means any request for an interview and/or for information either written or verbally received from any media organisation including, Television, Radio and Press; + New List.

What is a press inquiry?

So a “press inquiry” is a fact finding mission by a reporter or reporters employed by a newspaper or magazine. “ Media inquiries” expand this to include all forms such as radio and television as well.

How do we communicate with media?

Follow these media communication tips.Be Accessible – An essential part of great media communication is accessibility. … Be Flexible – Reporters are busy people. … Relationship Rule – Once you work with a reporter, send them a handwritten thank you note after your coverage has come out.

How do you deal with reporters?

Reporter on the phone? Use these rules to manage the conversation to minimize damage and maximize benefit.Stay Calm, Professional & Factual. Talking to a reporter should be like dealing with a cop. … Don’t Say Anything You Don’t Want Published. … Assume You’re Being Recorded. … Gather Data. … Kill the Story.

How do I decline a media interview?

Be honest, but not too detailed about why you’re declining. Instead, just let them know that now is not the right time, as your company is not in a position to answer the kind of questions that the reporter is looking for. Again, be appreciative of the request.

What should I not tell a journalist?

5 things NOT to say to a journalist“No comment.” Never say “no comment.” Even if you don’t have anything you can share, explain why you’re not able to share much now. … Don’t repeat negative words or statements. … Providing personal opinions. … “Can we keep this off the record?” Unfortunately, it’s not always a real thing. … Jargon.

How do you handle media?

Tips for Effectively Dealing With the MediaPrepare. … Call back quickly. … Handling a tough situation. … Be ready to explain the issue carefully and patiently. … Listen. … Get to the point. … Keep it simple.

How do you deal with media Enquiries?

Key points to bear in mind:Take full details of the enquiry including the journalist’s name, contact details, publication and deadline.Respond to the journalist in full by their deadline. … Be helpful, polite and positive.Make sure you or an appropriate colleague is available for interview and is fully briefed.More items…

How do you handle a media crisis?

Do…Be truthful. … Provide useful information. … Plan for crisis management and include media relations. … Train your spokespeople. … Establish an ongoing relationship. … Treat the media as an enemy. … Let the media be the only source of news. … Forget your employees.