Quick Answer: Can You See Who Has Viewed Your Zola Website?

Can you make your wedding website private?

Visit your wedding website dashboard.

Select “details” tab.

Under “Make Your Site Private”, turn the switch to “On”.

Is Zola a good wedding website?

Features: Zola’s free wedding websites offer pretty much every tool under the sun, including tons of designs, integration with their wedding registry, one of the best guest list managers we’ve seen, and a wedding checklist tool that will basically plan your wedding for you.

Which is better the knot or Zola?

Main advantages of The Knot: It’s easier to include registries from more places. Zola lets you add other registries, but it’s a bit more involved .

What is the best wedding website for free?

The Top 5 Free Wedding Websites01 of 05. The Knot. The Knot. … Zola. Zola. Zola has over 140 free wedding website templates in a variety of styles that you can sort through by color. … 03 of 05. WeddingWire. WeddingWire. … 04 of 05. eWedding. eWedding. … Joy. Joy.

Can Zola registry private?

Yes. You can hide your registry from guests by changing your visibility setting on your registry overview to “Not Visible” (see screenshot below). Guests will not able to shop or see your registry when your registry is set to “Not Visible.”

Can I edit my Zola website after publishing?

You can change your wedding website design any time (because we know that you have to try on a few things before you find The One).

Does Zola take a fee for cash gifts?

We make no money on your cash gifts. Credit card companies charge a transaction fee—and at 2.4% you won’t find a lower fee than ours.

Can you see who viewed Zola website?

You can tell right through your Site Manager account. … To view traffic statistics for your site, log into your Google Analytics account.

How do I make my Zola website private?

From your Planning Dashboard, find where it says “Visible to Guests?” and switch the red toggle to “Yes.” Congrats, your website is public! When this is set to “No,” no one can visit you website and it is private.

Is Zola really free?

Yes! Zola is free to use. … Don’t want to register at Zola or use our wedding paper? Our websites, guest list manager, and checklist are still 100% free to use.

Does Zola sell your information?

If you use Zola’s wedding website services and other wedding planning tools, we will collect all information regarding yourself and others that you add to your wedding website or other wedding planning tools, such as the name of your fiancé(e) and your wedding date; this includes all information that you add onto your …

What’s the best free wedding website?

Wix is the best wedding website builder because it offers a quality free plan, customizable RSVP tools, and forums for guests to communicate with each other. Squarespace comes in second with the most beautiful designs on the market, perfect for showing off photos and videos.

How do I get my money from Zola registry?

After you’ve added your bank account details, you’ll be able to transfer any contributions towards your cash funds on your gift tracker. Just hit “Transfer Now” next to the corresponding gift, which will send your funds to the bank account you added.

Why is Zola not working?

Clear cache & cookies – sometimes old or broken redirect links are saved by your browser which can interfere with the forwarding to your Zola website. Check your network – sometimes the static IP address tied to your custom domain might be blocked by the network you are connected to.

How does Zola get paid?

Like any other online retailer, we make money on the products and experiences we sell. What we don’t make ANY money on: your cash funds. The small fee associated with funds just covers the cost of credit card processing.

Is a wedding website necessary?

So only people who know the password can access your full wedding website. However, there is no need to create a wedding website if you feel strongly opposed to the idea. If properly composed, your save-the-date card and wedding invitation should provide guests with the essential information they need for your wedding.

What are the best wedding websites?

The 9 Best Wedding Website Builders of 2020The Knot.Squarespace.Wix.Riley & Grey.WeddingWire.Appy Couple.Minted.Zola.More items…

How do you make the knot registry private?

Log in to your registry profile, click on “Display Settings” and then edit “Your Registry Settings”, where you will have the option to show or hide each registry.