Quick Answer: Do You Have To Go To 6th Form?

Can you get fined for not going to sixth form?

You will get fined if your child misses 8 or more consecutive sessions – there are two a day so that’s 4 days.

However they also have to show that this is part of persistent unauthorised absences.

If attendance is otherwise good then they may not be able to fine..

What grades are needed for 6th form?

A large number of sixth form colleges look for a minimum of six GCSE examination results, the grades of which can vary from college to college and also depending on the subjects your child wishes to take: most however look for a minimum of five GCSE exam results varying in grade from A* to C.

Should I go to 6th form or college?

Sixth forms are smaller and tend to provide more structure and support than colleges. In some cases the standard of teaching in academic subjects will be higher in a sixth form or sixth form college than at an FE college. Also, a disabled student will already know how their school accommodates disabled pupils.

Is Sixth Form attendance compulsory?

gov.uk website says education (attendance) is still only compulsory up to 16/yr11. The new training/education rules don’t say anything about attendance. So assuming that’s correct it will depend on the 6th form. … gov.uk website says education (attendance) is still only compulsory up to 16/yr11.

How many hours a week is sixth form?

On average a student should complete five hours per week per subject. For most students, this is 15-20 hours per week.

What happens if you don’t continue education after 16?

The government’s September Guarantee says that all 16 and 17-year-olds are entitled to a suitable place in education or training regardless of their qualifications. … This means even if you don’t get the grades to get into college – or don’t want to go to college – you can still carry on in education.