Which Of The Following Is A Disadvantage Of Using The Internet As An Advertising Medium

Which of the following is a disadvantage of using a magazine as an advertising medium?

As a media class, one disadvantage of magazines is that they are read quickly and discarded—this increases the possibility of the ad being easily forgotten.

Passalong readership occurs when other people visit a magazine subscriber’s home or professional office and look at magazines..

Is a limitation of magazines?

Although the advantages offered by magazines are considerable, they have certain drawbacks too. These include the costs of advertising, their limited reach and frequency, the long lead time required in placing an ad, and the problem of clutter and heavy advertising competition.

What are two disadvantages of newspapers as an advertising medium?

Ads can be expensive. Magazine advertising is usually pricier than newspaper advertising….Disadvantages to newspaper advertising include the following:Limited readership. … Poor printed image quality. … No control over ad placement.

What is a disadvantage of magazines for advertising?

What are the disadvantages of magazine advertising? Expensive, Long Lead times, Clutter, Not likely to reach entire target market. … Allows advertisers to split an ad placement in different issues or by different segments of the same issue.

Which of the following is generally acknowledged as the most powerful advertising medium and reaches a broad spectrum of consumers at low cost per exposure?

TelevisionTelevision is generally acknowledged as the most powerful advertising medium and reaches a broad spectrum of consumers at low cost per exposure. TV advertising has two particularly important strengths.

What are the problems with advertising?

It takes a great deal of time, planning, and effort in order to face the top advertising problems of today:Budget limits. … Compelling content. … Choosing the right method. … Measuring effectiveness. … Rising through the competition.

Which aspect of public relations includes advising management about a company’s image during good and bad times?

lobbyingThe public relations function of lobbying involves advising management about public issues, and company positions and image during good times and bad. Persuasive advertising aims to create brand awareness and knowledge of new products or new features of existing products.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of magazine advertising?

10 Pros and Cons of Magazine AdvertisingMagazine advertising can be targeted to specific demographics. … Magazines have a long life span. … There is the possibility of pass-on ad exposures. … It’s an affordable print advertising option. … You have multiple design options. … Good advertising placements can be expensive.More items…•

What are the advantages and disadvantages of TV advertising?

Advantages of Television AdvertisingGrabs attention. … Combines sight and sound. … Fosters emotion and empathy. … Reaches a wide, targeted audience. … It’s a big production. … Costs can be prohibitive. … Frequency is essential. … Changes are difficult and costly.